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Hugo, you are on target. Both Parties Just use the Latino-Hispanics like a game. They will give you their word that they will support you however the Rep. Party Leaders make the decision and if you do not have the money. The leaders run for the hills. Even if you have the money it still does not matter. Bob Taft is a poor leader maybe he made some moves to help him stay in office but he is not a good Gov. I respect Bush but  the problems are they can not relate to the average person. The Dem. are the same way they listen to staff and make decisions on what get them the votes so they can win. This year is going to be  a hard time for Rep. I am a loyal Rep. however I am have a hard time supporting the Rep. and the Dem. We need business persons in office not people that think that the average American is dumb. One more point It is the Party State Chairmen that really make the decision who will run for office. Then make the county chairmen and people think it was their decision.


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I was at the Dewine lunch thing yesterday and I asked mr Taylor what we could do to stop the unfair trade and globalization that takes jobs from Mexican farmers and allows sub-standard wages- he denied that this was much a part of the problem.

Don Bryant


Promueve la diversidad dentro de nuestra propia comunidad hispana en cualquier lugar de EE.UU. / Promote diversity even among our own Hispanic Community anywhere in the USA.

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     I applaud those Democrat Latinos who had the presence of conviction to attend the events in cleveland and Lorain with Mike DeWine. Part of the problem affecting the Latino community is this:  1. Latinos do not vote in large numbers compared to other groups either because they are not citizens, not registered, or just don't vote and both parties know this. 2. Hispanics mostly vote Democrat so the Democrats abuse and ignore us except for election time when they show up in the community then disappear for 2-4 years.  Where are all the Hispanics elected or apoointed by Democrats in prominaent positions throughout Lorain or Cuyahoga counties? 3. Because Hispanics vote Democrat and few Hispanic Republicans exist, it's little wonder that most Republicans do not court their vote.  Worse yet when the time comes to apoint a Latino to an offfice or board, there are few Latino independents or Republicans to choose from.


     But you should be elated that this is changing as we have seen that Latinos are not afraid of voting Republican since 44% voted for Bush in 2004. Hugo, you cite the dominance of Democrats through out Cuyahoga County but that is mostly Cleveland.   Given that predominence and the heavy vote of Hispanics for Democrats, where are all the Latinos who have been "rewarded" by the Democrats?  In Lorain County, the Democrat county commissioners have nver appointed a trustee to the board of Lorain Community College in more than 40 years.  This past year, 2 white, Democrat males were appointed to vacancies.  During the 90's Governor Voinovich appointed two Latinas to the board. Did not Republican governor Taft appoint Jasmine Torres to municipal court judge? How many Hispanics been appointed judge by Democrats?


It is my hope that some so-called Hispanic leaders be unafraid to support Republicans like Mike DeWine or Craig Foltin or Republicans in general.  AS you can see, when you put your eggs in one basket, you limit your possibilities to advance your issues or gain allies.  For the best interests of all Latinos, an independent mind would be helpful, not blind partisanship. The ideal is that there should be Hispanic leaders who are Democrats, Republicans and independents.


And finally Hugo, let's tell it like it is.  Ted Strickland DID VOTE for HR4437 while Brown did not and Mike DeWine did not.  In September, Brown voted for the Secure border bill while Strickland was AWOL and did not have the courage to vote.


No, I do not see any confusion on anyone's part.  I see the makings of valuable leadership who supports individual candidates and not blindly holds on to the past supporting one political party.  If this continues, Hispanics will be getting a lot of attention and benefits and not rejection and isolation from a lot of public officials and both political parties.


Please share this with your group.


David Arredondo
Lorain Area Republican Party Chairman

Promueve la diversidad dentro de nuestra propia comunidad hispana en cualquier lugar de EE.UU. / Promote diversity even among our own Hispanic Community anywhere in the USA.

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Nice job, Hugo. Very nice article.

It seems never to amaze me how out of touch Latinos are in Cleveland. The
Latino leaders in power just don't get it. Just talking to them, usually off
the records, I have found them to be very conservative and out of touch.
Confused or not about whom to vote this coming elections, and it is sad to
say, Latinos in Cuyahoga/Cleveland/Ohio follow the TOP, just like they did
back in their home countries. These events around town that you mentioned, just go to show who is running the show. Look at the list of organizations
and businesses you mentioned and you have a Beginners's Map of where the
problem starts.

Peace, and don't worry, Democrats will win!


Promueve la diversidad dentro de nuestra propia comunidad hispana en cualquier lugar de EE.UU. / Promote diversity even among our own Hispanic Community anywhere in the USA.

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Hugo, I am a Latino and I support Mike DeWine, not because he is a Republican, but what he stands for on the issue of immigration.  What a lot of people do not realize is that he has a senior position on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the committee that handles all of the immigration legislation.  He was one of the first Senators to come out against HR4437 and his influence on the Judiciary Committee helped sway the Senate in passing much more moderate immigration legislation.  If he is not elected, we will not have a strong senior advocate for “a path to citizenship” legislation on the Judiciary Committee.  This will significantly weaken our opportunity to pass immigration legislation that helps Latinos.  It is not clear to me what Sherrod Brown’s position is on immigration.  What I have been able to determine is that when he is asked directly about the issue, his response is that we have to first fix our trade treaties before addressing the immigration issue.  To me, the response avoids the question and doesn’t make sense.  There are fundamental economic issues facing those Latin American countries that can not be fixed by a trade agreement, especially when you have strong competition from China and India.

I feel that the immigration issue is one of the most important issues facing Latinos today.  In my opinion, Mike DeWine, with his senior position in the Judiciary Committee is in a much better position to influence positive legislation for Latinos.  Whether you are a Latino Democrat or Republican should not make a difference in this particular race because the issue is who will best represent the Latino’s interest on immigration.  Once you understand what you are voting for, as opposed to what party you are affiliated with, clarifies the confusion.

Dan Porras



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Los comentarios de Hugo Urizar están dando en el clavo, los mismos que para la marcha del prirmero de mayo llamaron a no participar porque era una marcha comunista hoy están trabajando para los que más nos quieren oprimir en este pais. Tenemos que decirles a esos que se han nominados “Lideres de la Comunidad “ que sabemos pensar y podemos leer y sacar nuestras propias conclusiones y lo demostraremos en un respaldo total a los candidatos democratas a través de todo el pais.

< No a todo lo republicano >>>NO        


David Quintana


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By Hugo Urizar, CEO Ohio Hispanic/Latino Democratic Party Caucus

N.E. Ohio Hispanic Campaign Coordinator for Ted Strickland for Governor

Special contribution to: http://www.mercohispano.com    


El electorado demócrata latino de Cuyahoga County está confundido


Platicando con amigos hispanos de Toledo, Columbus, Lorain y Fremont me comentaban sus impresiones muy particulares sobre la situación política de los hispanos en el condado más grande de Ohio y el más democrático de todo el país.

Sin embargo, comentaban estas personas, algunas de las organizaciones hispanas actualmente de gran visibilidad en Cleveland, la ciudad más importante del condado, están dirigidas por hispanos que militan, apoyan y contribuyen abiertamente a candidatos republicanos.


Estudiando detenidamente esos comentarios saltan a la vista el papel de algunas personas que forman parte del Hispanic Business Association, del periódico HOLA, del Hispanic Round Table y la labor de algunos Pastores Evangélicos quienes participaron activamente en un almuerzo para el Senador DeWine con la presencia del Secretario de Comercio Carlos Gutiérrez el lunes 2 de octubre de 2006 en el Restaurante Mi Pueblo en Cleveland. Según e-mails que circularon en la comunidad, se planean otros eventos para latinos con el Senador DeWine y su esposa en Lorain el 1 de noviembre y otro en el Restaurante Machu Picchu el 2 de noviembre en Cleveland.


A simple vista parecería hasta ridículo mencionar estas situaciones ya que una de las miles de ventajas que ofrece este país es la libertad que uno tiene de escoger su propia afiliación política.


Pero profundizando un poco más sobre el impacto que tienen estas personas sobre los latinos de Cleveland en general y en los latinos demócratas en particular, la situación comienza a tomar un matiz un poco más siniestro. La confusión se acentúa cuando el latino normal de Cleveland ve que estas personas son honradas regularmente por parte de ciertas organizaciones de servicios sociales y educativas hispanas que a su vez reciben ayuda a nivel de ciudad y condado donde el alcalde es demócrata, los comisionados son demócratas y todos los concejales son demócratas.  Y la confusión se vuelve aun más complicada cuando el latino demócrata de Cleveland ve que estos líderes hispanos republicanos mantienen estrecha relación y asociación con reconocidos líderes hispanos que militan dentro del partido Demócrata. Confusión por asociación. Posiblemente asumiendo que todos son demócratas.


Dada estas circunstancias, no es absurdo pensar que habrá muchos latinos demócratas en Cleveland que en este preciso momento estarán preguntándose a si mismos ¿Sherrod Brown o Mike DeWine?  La gente que por lo general vota demócrata podría votar por Mike DeWine en estas elecciones debido al estado de confusión creado por ciertos hispanos en Cleveland y Cuyahoga County.


A pesar de que el Senador Republicano DeWine haya votado en algunas ocasiones a favor de proteger los derechos de las personas indocumentadas, él sigue siendo muy conservador en la mayoría de los otros temas y esos votos “pro-inmigrates” no cambia la realidad de que las legislaciones más duras contra los inmigrantes indocumentados fueron introducidas por miembros de su propio Partido Republicano. Que hay una campaña nacional a favor de hablar “Sólo Inglés.” Que la mentalidad de los vigilantes de las fronteras “minutemen” es similar a la de los Republicanos de su partido. Y que la mayoría de los congresistas y senadores republicanos se oponen a una ley de inmigración justa que pueda incluir a más de 12 millones de personas indocumentadas, casi todas de origen hispano.


Confundir al electorado de “Derecho” está penado por la ley, pero el confundirlo de “Hecho” como lo hace magistralmente Karl Rove es considerado por los Republicanos como una pincelada de genialidad política.


El electorado hispanos/latinos demócrata de Cleveland y de Cuyahoga County tiene que tener bien claro de que el siguiente Gobernador Demócrata del estado de Ohio Ted Strickland necesitará de la comunión de ideas y del apoyo en el gobierno de la nación del siguiente Senador Demócrata Sherrod Brown.


Vote Siempre. Vote Inteligentemente. Vote Demócrata.


The Latino Democratic Voters in Cuyahoga County are Confused


In talking with many Hispanic friends and associates from Toledo, Columbus, Lorain and Fremont, they continually commented on the political situation of Hispanics in Cuyahoga County - the largest county in Ohio and the most democratic county in the country.  They remarked “That today some of the Hispanic Organizations, which are very visible in Cleveland, are being run by Hispanics who openly support, contribute and/or are militant in the Republican Party.”


By paying close attention to the above comment this prevailing behavior is clearly evident by the actions of some very prominent Hispanics in Greater Cleveland who are members of the Hispanic Business Association, the newsletter HOLA, the Hispanic Roundtable, and some Evangelical Ministers who actively participated in a recent lunch for Senator DeWine on October 2, 2006 at Mi Pueblo Restaurant in Cleveland. According to e-mails circulating in the community, other Latino events are scheduled with Senator DeWine and his wife in Lorain for November 1 and at Machu Picchu Restaurant in Cleveland on November 2.


At first glance, it sounds almost ridiculous to mention these events since one of the many advantages of living in this country is the freedom one has to choose his or her own political affiliation.


But by delving deeper into the impact that these prominent Hispanics have over Cleveland Latinos in general and on the Latino Democrats in particular, the situation begins to turn a bit more disturbing. The political confusion becomes even more compelling when a typical Cleveland Latino person observes that some of these Hispanic Republican Leaders are regularly honored by certain Hispanic Social Services and Educational Institutions, who in turn receive help from a city and a county where the Mayor is a Democrat, the three County Commissioners are Democrats and all 21 Council members are all Democrats.  The confusion becomes even greater when a Cleveland Latino Democrat sees that these Hispanic Republican Leaders maintain a very close association and relationship with well known Cleveland Hispanic Democrats therefore causing ‘confusion by association’.   Possibly even assuming they are all Democrats.


Given this condition, it is fair to say that there are many Cleveland Latino Democrats who at this precise moment are questioning:  Sherrod Brown or Mike DeWine? People who always voted Democrat could be voting for Mike Dewine due to the confusion created by some Republican Hispanics in Cleveland and in Cuyahoga County.


Although Republican Senator DeWine has voted on some occasions to protect the rights of undocumented immigrants, he is at best, very conservative in most issues and his limited pro-immigrant votes in the US Senate does not change the fact that the harshest of legislations that are directed to undermine undocumented immigrants were introduced by members of his Republican Party.  Secondly, that most of the proponents of an “English Only” law are Republicans.  And that the mentality of the “minutemen” group is embraced by the majority of the Republicans in position of power.  It is a known fact that most Republican Congressmen and Senators are opposed to a fair immigration policy that includes the more than 12 million undocumented immigrants, almost all of them Hispanics.


To “legally” confuse the electorate is punishable by law, but to confuse them by other means, as Karl Roves does it so well, is considered by Republicans to be a stroke of political genius. 


To the Hispanic/Latino Democrat Voters of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County, it should be clear that the next Democratic Governor of the State of Ohio, Ted Strickland, will need the consensus of ideas and the support in Washington from the next US Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown.



Vote Often. Vote Smart. Vote Democrat.




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Promueve la diversidad dentro de nuestra propia comunidad hispana en cualquier lugar de EE.UU. / Promote diversity even among our own Hispanic Community anywhere in the USA.
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