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From Hugo Urizar: I have no problems with people disagreeing with my comments. Post your comments in here so everyone can read it, rather than sending me private e-mails.


(Letter to the Editor not published by the Plain Dealer)
In response to:

Hispanic leaders want a larger presence in Greater Cleveland's business leadership

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hispanic executives hope to bolster numbers in Northeast Ohio's business community

 Tuesday April 21, 2009

By Tom Breckenridge

Plain Dealer Reporter



The Cleveland Corporate Community and the African-American Business Leadership should not be compelled to seat Hispanics on Corporate Boards based on political correctness. Board membership in Corporate America is a privilege earned through qualification, growth and performance. I disagree with the argument that we are owed that privilege without merit just because we are Hispanics. The Hispanic Business Association of Cleveland has been in existence for more than a quarter of a century, managed and/or influenced by the same group of individuals. After 25 years and many hundreds of thousands of dollars later, there are only two Hispanic companies in Cleveland that can handle contracts over one million dollars. Things are not getting any better. In 2008 the Cleveland Office of Equal Opportunity had about 45 certified Hispanic-owned companies while this year it dropped to 19, most of them being “Mom and Pop” family businesses. After all these years, it is pathetic to read Gus Hoyas saying to the press, “We have an assignment … to find quality candidates.”  The job of the HBA is to help create strong successful Hispanic businesses whose owners will some day sit on Boards of Corporate America. So far, the HBA has failed to do that.


Hugo Urizar

Promueve la diversidad dentro de nuestra propia comunidad hispana en cualquier lugar de EE.UU. / Promote diversity even among our own Hispanic Community anywhere in the USA.
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